At FootFit we provide comprehensive evaluations, education and treatment on most foot and ankle conditions

  • Flat feet: Low or collapsed medial arch of the foot changes the biomechanics of the foot which leads to compensation in other parts of the body. Compensation leads to fatigue which causes breakdown and pain. A flatfoot is a tired foot. We can help
  • Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain in our society. The 1st step of the day is usually the worst step of the day. Sharp pain in heel or arch can be crippling which leads to decreased activity due to pain. The body is made to move but the pain makes it very difficult. At FootFit we can help you get moving again, pain free. Your feet are your foundation
  • Bunions, hammertoes and other forefoot problems can be extreme lol painful while also being cosmetically unappealing. Theses conditions cause difficulty in shoes as well as pain with otherwise normal activities requiring forefoot motion. At FootFit we evaluate, educate and correct these conditions to help provide a pain free and esthetically pleasing foot. Your feet are your foundation!!
  • Ingrown nails, fungal nails, corns and calluses, etc. are simple yet problematic for the foot and general wellness. Let us help you alleviate these issues.

Your feet are your foundation.

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